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User Interface, Dialogue, and Audio/Video Related Edit

  • How to Add Language Localizations to HW2 by IcePirate. Discussion
  • How to Create Custom Badges by Starfisher, Malignus, Wolf359, and Mikail. These tips can be applied to the creation of other game images, as well. Discussion
  • How to Import Sound Into Homeworld 2 by Slamoid, Age2uN, and Mikail. Discussion
  • How to Convert Homeworld 2 Music to MP3 by gorillaman Discussion
  • How to Create a New UI Screen and Main Menu Item by Mikail. Discussion
  • How to Unlock Hidden Characters by Mikail.
  • How to Create Multiplayer Level Thumbnails by ÜberJumper. This tutorial describes an alternate method than the one in Malignus's mapping tutorial.
  • How to Unlock Hidden Characters by Mikail.
  • How to Display Text on Screen Using ATI Templates by SunTzu
  • How to Display Custom Ship Icons in Game by SunTzu
  • How to Add New Icons for Build and Research
  • How to Play the Game In English If You Own a Version of HW2 That Is In Another Language
  • How to Add New Icons for Ships
  • Cut-Scene Tutorial by Rob C.
  • Tips for Background Creation by Rob C.
  • Making In-Game Movies Playable in Media Player
  • A Simple Way to Display Text on the Screen
  • Adding Custom Intro Movies
  • How to Bind an Event to a Key
  • NIS Tutorial by ZuiljiN.
  • New race voice setup by evillejedi.
  • Homeworld 2 Background Tutorial
  • Skinning the UI by iostream.
  • How to extract HW2 music and convert to WAV
  • How to add custom voice acting to singleplayer missions
  • Ingame radio interferance during voice acting. How is this effect produced?

Modeling & Texturing Related Edit

  • How to Create New Ship Models by pipakin.
  • Modeling 101! by FluxX.
  • Kitbashing with MS3D by Slamoid.
  • Alex's "Nose Theory" Ship Tutorial by Alex Drake.
  • Maya Modeling Tutorials
  • maya import tutorial thread amoung other things by evillejedi.
  • MAYA3.0 - HW2- Step By step tutorial by starfleet.
  • MAD Animation Tutorial by Fokker
  • Madstate Tutorial by DeathWish.
  • Texturing and Photoshop Tutorial by Drthvdr12.
  • UVW applying tutorial by Vengence
  • Team Colours/Stripe texturing Tutorial by SnakeChiken.
  • Workaround for VLO in Game
  • Hardpoint Guide by Tel'Quessir.
  • Adding a Specular Layer to Your Texture by SnakeChiken.
  • A Simple Texturing Tutorial
  • How to convert HW and HW:Cata models to HW2 format

General Scripting Related Edit

  • How to Retrieve Values from within Different Files by Mikail. Discussion
  • Lua 5 Tutorial Online tutorial for Lua version 5. [Note: HW2 uses Lua version 4; but, this tutorial may still be useful.]
  • Reading and Writing to Files by Appollyon470.
  • How to Introduce a Delay Between Running Scripts/Events
  • How to Compile LUAs

Tool Related Edit

  • How to Use HardEd by fluffypuppy. Discussion
  • How to Create a ".big" File Using "archive.exe" by jpaugh78, FrankDark, and Mikail. "archive.exe" is a command-line utility that is part of the RDN Tools package. Discussion
  • How to Create a ".big" File Using ModPackager by ÜberJumper and Mikail. ModPackager is a simplified, GUI utility that comes with the RDN Tools December 2003 Update. Discussion
  • How to Use LuaC
  • How to Use the AIFR Encoder from a post made by TheMamboMan. Discussion
  • Text-based Dockpath/Hardpoint/Effects Marker Editor Documentation
  • How to Add the HW2 Root Parameter to Windows 9X by ZeroSF.
  • Adding HW2_ROOT permanently, in 2K/XP by Multiplicity. (The HW2 Root Parameter allows the RDN Tools and other modding utilities to know which directory Homeworld 2 is installed in.)
  • Maya Plugs and getting shaders to work right.

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