SobGroup_IsDoingAbility(<sSobGroupName>, <iAbility>)
Returns true if any ship in <sSobGroupName> is doing the specified ability.

SobGroup_FillProximitySobGroup("TempSob", "Universe_TeamShips1", "AttackerSob2", 3000)

<sSobGroupName>: The name of the sobgroup.
<iAbility>: Valid abilities are: AB_None AB_Move AB_Attack AB_Guard AB_Repair AB_Cloak AB_Harvest AB_Mine AB_Capture AB_Dock AB_AcceptDocking AB_Builder AB_Stop AB_Hyperspace AB_Parade AB_FormHyperspaceGate AB_HyperspaceViaGate AB_SensorPing AB_SpecialAttack AB_Retire AB_DefenseField AB_DefenseFieldShield AB_HyperspaceInhibitor AB_Salvage AB_Steering AB_Targeting AB_Sensors AB_Lights AB_Scuttle AB_UseSpecialWeaponsInNormalAttack
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