setEngineBurn(<rNewObjectType>, <iSparksPerPath>, <fSpeedLow>, <fSpeedHigh>, <fSparkSize>, <fSpeedSparkSize>, <fFlareMin>, <fFlarePos>, <fFlareSize>)
Controls the flare for small craft and missiles.
This graphic seems to be accomplished entirely out of one round effect repeated in the below fashon.
This is made up of:
One Flare of 'Flaresize' at 'FlarePos' from the engine nozzle in the .Hod. 'FlareMin' remains unknown.
A jet; comprised of a number of sparks that reduce in Alpha/size with distance.
This is made of 'SparksPerPath' sparks of 'SparkSize' diameter, with a pulse of 'SpeedSparkSize' diameter traveling away from the source of the jet.
Note that a Spark and a Flare are the same graphic.
Note that Speedlow and Speedhigh control the opacity of the primary flare as well.
Somebody update and show what FlareMin is!
setEngineBurn(NewShipType, 15, 0.5,1, 15, 0, 0.7, 0.1, 25)
<rNewObjectType>: NewShipType or NewMissileType.
<iSparksPerPath>: Number of flares to make the jet out of.
<fSpeedLow>: Opacity of jet when using thrusters.
<fSpeedHigh>: Opacity of jet when using main engines.
<fSparkSize>: Diameter of the flares defined by sparksperpath
<fSpeedSparkSize>: Diameter of pulse traveling down jet. This is a multiple of SparkSize so 1.1 would be 10% larger.
<fFlareMin>: Cannot find any effect from changing this across wide variety of tests. *unknown*
<fFlarePos>: Offset distance from engine nozzle in Hod file. Must be greater qual to zero.
<fFlareSize>: Diameter of Static flare. This serves as the 'corona' of the jet.
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