Player_FillSobGroupInVolume(<sSobGroupNameOut>, <iPlayerIndex>, <sVolumeName>)
Puts all ships belonging to <iPlayerIndex> into <sSobGroupNameOut> if they are within <sVolumeName>.
Player_FillSobGroupInVolume("VaygrShipsInProbeRange", 1, "ProbeVol"..i)
<sSobGroupNameOut>: the name of the sobgroup to place ships into.
<iPlayerIndex>: the index number of the player.
<sVolumeName>: the name of the volume.
Unlike SobGroup_FillSobGroupInVolume, the function does not seem to return a boolean indicating whether <sSobGroupNameOut> is empty or not. -SunTzu
Sleeping ships, such as those docked within a ship in the Volume, are not added to <sSobGroupNameOut> -Grey_Ghost

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