Player_FillShipsByType(<sSobGroupNameOut>, <iPlayerIndex>, <sShipType>)
Fills <sSobGroupNameOut> with only those ships of type <sShipType> that are active and belong to <iPlayerIndex>.
Example (from the HW Classic Mod)
Player_FillShipsByType("CrateMothership", 0, "Vgr_Mothership")
<sSobGroupNameOut>: the name of the sobgroup to place ships into.
<iPlayerIndex>: the index number of the player.
<sShipType>: the type of ship.
Inactive ships (e.g., ships that are in hyperspace or docked) are ignored by this function. Use Player_GetNumberOfSquadronsOfTypeAwakeOrSleeping to count the number of ships, regardless of whether they are active or inactive.
The sobgroup is cleared each time the function is called: i.e., the sobgroup is emptied before being filled again with all ships of <sShipType>.
<sSobGroupNameOut> must be created before the function is called.
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