Player_FillProximitySobGroup(<sSobGroupNameOut>, <iPlayerIndex>, <sSobGroupName>, <fDistance>)
Puts all active ships belonging to <iPlayerIndex> that are within <fDistance> of <sSobGroupName> into <sSobGroupNameOut>.
Returns true if there is at least one ship in <sSobGroupNameOut>; false if there is none.
Note: if sSobGroupName belongs to iPlayerIndex, it is put in sSobGroupNameOut. --SunTzu
Player_FillProximitySobGroup("tempSobGroup", 0, "Patrol"..i, 5000)
if (Player_FillProximitySobGroup("tempSobGroup", 0, "EnemyCarrier", 5000) == 1) then
<sSobGroupNameOut>: the name of the sobgroup to place ships into. This sobgroup must be created before the function is called.
<iPlayerIndex>: the index number of the player.
<sSobGroupName>: the name of the sobgroup to check the distance against.
<fDistance>: the distance (radius) from <sSobGroupName> that ships must lie within.
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