LoadSharedModel(<rNewObjectType>, <sObjectToShareModelWith>)
Description (information adapted from "ShipTuning.xls")
Indicates the object-model this object will reuse.
For example, the "Hgn_AssaultCorvetteElite" may reuse the model from the "Hgn_AssaultCorvette". In this case, clear the blank argument in the Model Loading section and set the <sObjectToShareModelWith> argument to "Hgn_AssaultCorvette".
Note: only objects of the same type may share models (e.g., ships can only share models with other ships, and asteroids can only share models with other asteroids).
Note: this doesn't seem to work with subsystems.
Note: according to this post, this function needs to appear near the end of the .ship file or else docking paths get screwed up.
LoadSharedModel(NewShipType, "Hgn_AssaultCorvette")
<rNewObjectType>: the type of object being modified (ship, resource, etc.).
<sObjectToShareModelWith>: the name of the object to borrow the model from.
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