gsub(<sString>, <sPattern>, <Replacement> [, <iLimit>])

Description' (from LUA 4 Manual: 6.2 String Manipulation)

"Returns a copy of <sString> in which all occurrences of the pattern <sPattern> have been replaced by a replacement string specified by <Replacement>. gsub also returns, as a second value, the total number of substitutions made.
If <Replacement> is a string, then its value is used for replacement. Any sequence in <Replacement> of the form %n with n between 1 and 9 stands for the value of the n-th captured substring.
If <Replacement> is a function, then this function is called every time a match occurs, with all captured substrings passed as arguments, in order (see below). If the value returned by this function is a string, then it is used as the replacement string; otherwise, the replacement string is the empty string.
The last, optional parameter <iLimit> limits the maximum number of substitutions to occur. For instance, when <iLimit> is 1 only the first occurrence of <sPattern> is replaced."
Example (from LUA 4 Manual: 6.2 String Manipulation)
x = gsub("hello world", "(%w+)", "%1 %1")
--> x="hello hello world world"
x = gsub("hello world", "(%w+)", "%1 %1", 1)
--> x="hello hello world"
x = gsub("hello world from Lua", "(%w+)%s*(%w+)", "%2 %1")
--> x="world hello Lua from"
x = gsub("home = $HOME, user = $USER", "%$(%w+)", getenv)
--> x="home = /home/roberto, user = roberto" (for instance)
x = gsub("4+5 = $return 4+5$", "%$(.-)%$", dostring)
--> x="4+5 = 9"
local t = {name="lua", version="4.0"}
x = gsub("$name - $version", "%$(%w+)", function (v) return %t[v] end)
--> x="lua - 4.0"
t = {n=0}
gsub("first second word", "(%w+)", function (w) tinsert(%t, w) end)
--> t={"first", "second", "word"; n=3}
<sString>: the string to search in.
<sPattern>: the pattern to search for.
<Replacement>: the pattern used as a replacement for <sPattern>. (May be a string or a function; see Description.)
<iLimit>: a limit on the number of replacements that will be made.
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