foreach(<tTable>, <fFunction>)
Description (from LUA 4 Manual: 6.1 Basic Functions)
"Executes the given <fFunction> over all elements of <tTable>. For each element, the function is called with the index and respective value as arguments. If the function returns any non-nil value, then the loop is broken, and this value is returned as the final value of foreach. This function could be defined in Lua:"
function foreach (t, f)
	for i, v in t do
		local res = f(i, v)
		if res then return res end
"The behavior of foreach is undefined if you change the table t during the traversal."

<tTable>: the table to traverse.
<fFunction>: the function to execute over all elements of <tTable>.
Note: do not add trailing parentheses when entering the function name.
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