Camera_FocusSobGroupWithBuffer(<sSobGroupName>, <fBufferDistance>, <fDistance>, <fTime>)
Moves the camera to focus on the first ship of <sSobGroupName> at <fDistance>.
Movement is instantaneous if the camera is already within <fBufferDistance> of the sobgroup; otherwise, movement takes <fTime> seconds to complete.
Camera_FocusSobGroupWithBuffer( "Vaygr_MakaanMothership", 2000, 2000, 2 )
<sSobGroupName>: the sob group to focus on.
<fBufferDistance>: if the camera is already within that buffer, the time will not be taken into consideration.
<fDistance>: the distance at which to focus.
<fTime>: the time it will take to cover the distance.
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